Winter Swing Leech

A simple winter swing pattern with lots of wiggle and pulse.


  • Hook: Diiachi 2461 2
  • Thread: GSP 100 Black
  • Tail: Black rabbit strip
  • Body: Black Crosscut Rabbit
  • Collar: Strung Purple Marabou Plume
  • Head: Eat a Peach Fusion Dub
  • Flash: Sunburst Flashabou


Lay thread base


Tie in rabbit tail


Tie in crosscut rabbit and make 2-3 turns toward eye of hook


Tie in flash, fold back over and secure


Tie in marabou plume by the tip


Wrap the plume forward, sweeping the fibers back to make sure they don’t get trapped.


Tie in a large clump of fusion dub and whip finish. Brush out loose material.



Cycle of the Seasons

It’s funny to think that only 5 months ago, we were in peak dry fly season. Floating lines, light leaders, gink, bug spray, and headlamps were routine. Now, our boats are packed with entirely different gear. Swing setups, full speys, heavy streamer rods, indicator rigs, puff jackets, gloves, heavy socks, sherpa hats, whiskey, those powder shake hand warmers, etc etc…

Rich with yet another dime

Rich with yet another dime

All aboard !

All aboard!

Being in the Midwest, our fishing seasons are in constant flux. It seems like every month, a new “season” begins, and another ends. This is a blessing and a curse. For most, once the snow starts to fall, the fishing season ends. To others, it’s just another “season” beginning.

Lately, things have been quite good. Some days are slow, some are okay, and certain days have been epic. The trout fishing was unreal over the past 2 months. Streamer fishing has been consistent, with solid action most days. But, naturally, there were a few trips that left us puzzled.

Colors of the Fall

Colors of the Fall

Egg drop was good to us

Egg drop was good to us

Our main focus right now is the steelhead run. Remember the steelhead run in 2013? Remember how big they were that year? Well guess what, those fish had babies. And they are back. And they are huge. We have witnessed, (firsthand and online), several fish that can be truly classified as “monsters”. It’s very good to see, as it’s an indicator of the overall health of the fishery.

Good tug

Grabbed by a giant

bright fish abound

Bright fish abound

Not only are they XL this year, but there are plenty of them. However, this does not mean it’s easy. There have been outings that we grind all day for one or two hookups. There have also been days where we get into what I call, a “flow state,” when hookups simply happen over and over again. They are the days when you are simply “in the zone” for hours on end, and feel unstoppable with angling momentum. Pure bliss!

Things are great currently, and we couldn’t ask for much more. The weather has been a bit chilly, but at least there are fish around. It could be way worse.

flow state

“Dude, you are in a flow state…”

Here’s a little vid Rob put together of a streamer float from this past weekend. Didn’t see a whole lot, other than one brown that was all of 24” that swiped at Robs fly twice, but missed both times.

Stop in the shops for up to date info, rigging questions, and any advice you might need. Our tying selection is primed for winter, with lots of new materials from Hareline. Our X-Mas stuff is rolling in almost daily, with lots of cool and fun things to check out. See you on the water!

Belize 2018


Join Nomad Anglers on a saltwater fly fishing trip! This upcoming April, we will be hosting a trip to Belize. This fishery is absolutely incredible, and offers opportunities for beginners, as well as expert fly anglers.


Permit are considered by many to be the most challenging species to target on fly. They are skittish, paranoid, have incredible eyesight, and spook very easily. Even though they can be challenging, the rewards are great. The Spring season is an awesome time to target them, and a day with multiple shots at Permit is not uncommon in Belize.



IMG_1364 (1)

For someone looking for an easier target, the Bonefishing is spectacular. These things are everywhere. Even though they are typically not as big as the ones in the Bahamas, there are certainly more of them in Belize. They are a riot on a 7wt fly rod.



Resident Tarpon are abundant as well. These fish range anywhere from 20-50 pounds. They are the non-migratory fish, and hang around all year. Perfect on a 9 or 10wt rod. Lots of fishing options!


IMG_1592 (1)

We have rented out the Blue Bonefish Lodge, on Ambergris Caye for April 7-14, 2018.

The cost per person is $2495. This includes 7 nights lodging, 6 days of guided fishing, and food (3 meals a day). This does not include airfare, fishing equipment (although the guides have rods to use if you’re interested), booze, snacks, souvenirs, etc.

Here’s a link to the lodge:           Insta: @bluebonefishbelize

Space is limited! For more info, or to sign up, send an email to


November is Prime

November is here, and so are the steelhead. Thanks to the heavy rain we received last week, the fish have arrived in good numbers. Game on! This season will be great based on what we’ve seen thus far.

FullSizeRender (16)

Graeme and Justin with a solid fish

FullSizeRender (18)

Ross and Shane jammin the Mo

FullSizeRender (19)

Drew with a swinger

FullSizeRender (22)

Local chrome

FullSizeRender (20)

Another swinger

FullSizeRender (21)

Rich swings an alpha

FullSizeRender (15)

More chrome

FullSizeRender (14)

Streamer bite has been awesome, for both trout and steel.

Chartuese and orange nuke eggs have been working, as well as rag eggs. Hex nymphs have gotten a few steelhead too.

Swinging has been more about finding the right fish, rather than the color of fly. However, pink and bright green are always  good options to start with. You know, the standard Michigan stuff…

Stop in the shop before your next session for up-to-date intel and recommendations on gear and flies. Good luck, see you out there!

Steelhead are coming.

It’s game time…

One of the best times to be in Michigan wether chasing birds, nymphing for brown trout, up in a tree for whitetail or chasing Steelhead. The recent rain is exactly what the rivers needed to make this fall in Michigan even more special.