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As I write this report the fall rain we have been hoping for is finally falling. Its been a cloudy week, hinting at rain each day, but last night the sky finally broke open and brought the shot of rain we needed. Fishing was pretty good this weekend, but low water conditions made things a little tough. Smaller more natural patterns, and persistence were the keys to success. 

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The hex hatch is a unique experience in Northern Michigan that can drive someone crazy. Some individuals plan vacations around some people skip sleep and drive north after work and return home before sun rise.  It is not until you "hit it" that an individual gets what all the hype is about.  Many rivers got the first taste of bugs over the past few nights and should continue for the next 10 days.  My experience started after a family game of Pictionary that ended around 10pm with a "I'm going to see if there are any bugs"  statement.  Shortly after I...

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