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Steelhead 201

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Take your steelhead fishing to the next level with our immersive class, Steelhead 201. Delve deep into the intricacies of rigging, water interpretation, and fly selection tailored specifically for these elusive and captivating fish. Through hands-on instruction and expert insights, you'll master advanced rigging techniques, understanding how to effectively present your flies to the dynamic and ever-changing waters steelhead call home. Dive into the art of reading water, honing your ability to identify prime holding spots and migration patterns. With a focus on fly selection, you'll learn to adapt to varying conditions, giving you the confidence to entice even the most discerning steelhead. Elevate your steelhead fishing prowess with Steelhead 201 and unlock a new realm of angling expertise.

Cost is $50 and includes $25 in shop credit. Equipment is NOT PROVIDED for this class. Participants must come prepared with their own appropriate rod, reel, line, waders, and boots. If you need help getting outfitted for the class, swing by the shop we will be happy to help. 

Class will meet at Richardson-Sowerby Park in Rockford.

Note: please include email address and phone number at checkout so we may contact you with a class reminder, or with schedule changes in the event of foul weather.