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Spey Classic

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Traditional Spey casters enjoy long bellies and even longer front tapers for extreme casting distance and the ultimate in line control. The Spey Classic takes all that into consideration and provides casters with an excellent all-around Spey line for delicate deliveries and long casts. This integrated line also features a textured marker at the end of the head for an audible, and visual, cue on where to begin the next cast.

  • Long head for distance casting and supreme line control
  • Integrated, one-piece floating line reduces hinging on casts
  • ARP textured section at the end of the head provides notice when to begin the cast again
  • Excellent all-around Spey line
  • Designed for two-handed rods of all sizes
  • Braided multifilament core
  • SA SPEY CLASSIC ### GR F – (### = grain weight)