Wader Sox 2.5MM Reed Camo

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Winter Steelhead fisherman will love this sock, duck hunters will love this sock, cold weather junkies will love it.  These are heavy-duty wading socks for fishing or hunting. 

Introducing the WADER 2.5. Their frictionless exterior makes them the perfect companion to your hunting boots, fishing boots + chest waders.

They're just like our original WADER SOX, but their 2.5mm neoprene core heats things up a bit (maybe more than a bit) for the cold days. Like. The really, maybe I’m not gonna go today, but love it enough that I’m gonna go anyway days.

As always, they'll keep your feet warm, wet or dry.


• Eliminate the friction and frustration of getting into and out of any boot

• WADER SOX 2.5mm closed cell neoprene core keeps you warm wet or dry

• WADER SOX interior fabric wicks away sweat

• Four-way stretch material that fits your body like a second skin

• Flatlock stitching for lasting durability and no ‘seam rub’

• Increases the life of your gear by reducing stretch and stress

• Raised poly heal patch for maximum gear life while maintaining frictionless advantage

A note about the 2.5s: These suckers are heavy duty. They’re not easy to get on the first 3-4 times you use them. We’re not kidding. You’ll have to tug a bit. But don’t worry, they’re built for it. Once they’re on, get them situated on your foot properly. After you’ve had em’ out in the wild for a day, they’ll adjust to your feet and after a few uses this won’t be a problem. But these are gear, and sometimes gear comes with a warning. That’s our warning.


• Rinse with fresh water after use

• Don’t bleach or machine wash / hang dry


WETSOX products are designed to fit snugly, but not so tight that they’d restrict movement. If you’re right on the cusp of two sizes and you have a broader build, we’d suggest trading up a size. If you have a slimmer build, trade down.