20 Incher

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20 Incher

The 20 Incher is the undisputed champ of versatility. Tied in different sizes, it rivals the Hares Ear and Peasant Tail in terms of effectiveness. It's great for trout, and in larger sizes, steelhead as well.

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Hook: Daiichi 1760 sz 8 (+) 
Thread: 6/0 UNI Thread Black (+) 
Bead: Cyclops Bead 1/8" Copper (+)
Lead: 0.025 Spooled Lead Wire (+)
Tail: Stripped Goose Biots Tan (+) 
Rib: Uni French Oval Tinsel Gold Large (+) 
Body: Ice Dub Peacock (+) 
Wingcase: Turkey Tail (+) 
Legs: Hungarian Partridge Feathers Brown (+) 
Thorax: Krystal Dub Hare's Ear (+) 


 Start with 8 wraps of lead, snug it up against the bead.

Create a gradual taper with the thread, and work it all the way to the bend.

Put a small pinch of dubbing at the back. This will help to flare out the goose biots.

Tie in the biots so they ramp off the dubbing ball, causing them so splay out.

Cover the biots to create a smooth surface. Trim the butt ends where they meet the lead.

Tie in the french tinsel, and cover it with thread all the way to the base of the tail. 

Dub a basic tapered body, just past the halfway mark on the hook shank.

4-5 turns of the tinsel is all you need.

Now tie in a piece of turkey tail. I like to trim a piece twice as wide as I need, fold it in half, then tie it down. Makes the wingcase look more prominent. 

Tie in a pair of Hungarian Partridge feathers, by the tips, pointed backwards. You can use one feather if you want, but a pair of them makes the legs more visible. 

Trim the partridge tips, then dub a thorax with the Krystal Dub.

Fold partridge over.

Fold turkey over to form wingcase.

Cut the excess, and do one final wrap of Krystal Dub to form a nice clean collar. 
Whip finish and add some glue. Done. The 20 Incher.