Grand Rapids Location

Our Grand Rapids fly shop is located at 1600 East Beltline Ave NE Grand Rapids, MI 49525 just North of I-96 next to the Twisted Rooster restaurant.

Phone: 616-805-4393. 

We are located near the Rogue River, Grand River, and Flat River.  We have a large selection of fly fishing gear and fly tying materials.  

Grand Rapids Fly Shop Staff

Erich Gross[email protected]


       I've been fly fishing for many years, for a variety of different species. I enjoy all methods, but nymphing remains one of my favorite during non hatch periods. Most of my time is devoted to steelhead fishing. Our steelhead season is quite long, and lasts throughout the entire winter. Thus, I find myself fishing in the depths of winter year after year. 
   I am a Michigan native, and don't see myself moving anytime soon. Although the fishing can sometimes be challenging, it can also be epic. We have a tremendous variety of species, which keeps things fresh throughout the year. 
    Grand Rapids has tons of different fly fishing options within an hour drive in any direction. Stop in and we will get you on the right path. 

Justin Wegner[email protected]

I grew up in Michigan and have been enthralled with fishing for as long as I can remember. Summers spent at our family cabin on the Little Manistee River fostered my love for flowing water, trout, and anadromous fish. My Grandpa first introduced me to fly fishing in my early teens, and I never looked back.

Swinging flies for steelhead is by far my favorite type of fishing, but I am also an avid trout fisherman and I love chasing hatches in the summer and streamer fishing in the spring and fall.  

My passion for fly fishing and the outdoors inspired my field of study at GVSU. I got my bachelor’s degree in Natural Resource Management, and I am currently finishing a master’s degree in Biology. My master's research focused on Brook Trout movement and habitat use.

I fish all over West and Northern Michigan, there are so many incredible opportunities in this state, and so many rivers to fish I could never choose one.


Drew Peklo

I started out fly fishing at the age of 13. I grew up learning how to fish on the East Side of Michigan on Paint Creek and the Clinton River for steelhead, trout and anything else that would bite a fly. I was fortunate to have some great mentors who brought me into this wild addiction of fly fishing. I was lucky enough to move to West Michigan after completing my BSN in Nursing at Michigan State University. If I am not working at the hospital you can find me in the shop or on a river.

I have fished all over the country primarily for trout and steelhead. I thoroughly enjoy fishing for all species of fish on a fly rod. If I had to pick my favorite way to fish it would have to be swinging flies for steelhead. There is nothing like a grab on a swung fly! It is by far the most rewarding and exciting way to fish, and there are endless opportunities to accomplish this in our great state.

My favorite river to fish is the Muskegon in my Stealthcraft ATB. I also love to spend time on the Grand, Rogue, Pere Marquette, Manistee or AuSable.

Rich Youngberg

Rich has 20 years experience Planning and guiding various wilderness trips around the world. He has led and planned extensive fly fishing adventures, backpacking trips, wilderness canoe trips, and whitewater rafting trips for people of all ages and ability levels. When not fishing, Rich is usually spending time planning his next adventure, tying flies, and dreaming of his next big catch. 


Zach Markham 

I started fly fishing at the age of 14 when my cousin introduced me to the sport. He taught me the basics of casting and how to fish different flies. Once we hit the water I hooked and landed my first fish on the fly, a modest Manistee River smallmouth, and there has been no turning back. I was amazed at the beauty around me, as well as how the sport could be so relaxing one moment and the next your adrenaline is pumping because you have what feels like the Loch Ness Monster on the end of your line. From there, fly fishing had taken over my life. I sold all of my conventional fishing gear, and went out and bought my first fly rig. I walked out of the sporting goods store with my yellow Eagle Claw rod, reel, and line, all of $35, destined to become the next trout bum. 

Ever since I was 14, I have been fly fishing all across the state of Michigan. Born and raised in Grand Rapids, I’ve been fortunate to fish and learn the local rivers and streams that we have around here. The Rogue and Flat Rivers are my local favorites, but the streams in northern Michigan is where I choose to fish if the opportunity arises. Some of my favorites include gems like the Pere Marquette, Manistee, Au Sable, and Boardman Rivers. 

Between all of the fish I’ve chased with the fly, from bluegill to salmon and steelhead, my favorite fish to chase with a fly rod in hand would have to be the smallmouth bass. There’s nothing quite like throwing meaty streamers under the summer sun and having a smallmouth come seemingly out of nowhere to smash your fly.