Learn to Fly Fish in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Learn to Fly Fish in Grand Rapids

Are you interested in fly fishing? Grand Rapids, Michigan, is a fantastic place to learn how to fly fish, with plenty of opportunities to catch fish in its scenic rivers and lakes. Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to improve your skills, our classes and beginners guides can help you get started.

Why Fly Fishing is Popular in Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is a great location for fly fishing due to its abundance of freshwater rivers and lakes, including the Grand River and Rogue River. These rivers provide an ideal habitat for various species of trout, including rainbow and brown trout as well as warm water species like smallmouth bass and pike. Additionally, the Rivers and Lakes around Grand Rapids offer a welcome escape into the outdoors. 

Fly Fishing Classes in Grand Rapids

If you prefer a more hands-on approach to learning how to fly fish, consider taking a fly fishing class. Nomad Anglers offers many options for fly fishing classes in Grand Rapids, ranging from one-day workshops to multi-day courses. These classes are taught by experienced instructors and cover everything from the basics to advanced techniques. 

Fly Fishing 101: FREE class that covers basic fly casting, knot tying, fly selection, gear and rigging.  We typically offer it 2-4 times each month between April - June.  The class takes place at our shop and we provide all of the gear.  It's FREE so grab a friend and learn everything you need to know to start fly fishing! Check our Schedule for upcoming classes. 

Fly Fishing 201: FREE on-water experience on either the Rogue River in Grand Rapids or the Grand River in Portland.  This class is 2-3 hours and covers reading water, wading instruction, proper dry fly, nymph and streamer techniques.  We recommend you have breathable waders, polarized glasses and your own fly rod and reel. Check our Schedule for upcoming classes.

Private Casting Lesson: Whether you are a complete newbie or a veteran that needs some tips before your upcoming trip we are here to help.  $50 per hour per 2 anglers. Call the shop during business hours or email info@nomadanglers.com to schedule a lesson!

Walk In Instructional: The perfect way to learn on-water from an experienced professional.  From stack mending an indicator for steelhead, to casting a dry fly, these classes can accommodate all skills levels. Classes are typically 3-4 hours cost $175 per 2 anglers. Call the shop during business hours or email info@nomadanglers.com to schedule a lesson!

Steelhead 101: FREE class covering the basics of steelhead fishing. We cover the primary methods of rigging for steelhead, the seasons we fish for steelhead, the flies we use, and more. This crash course will get you set up for success fly fishing for Great Lakes Steelhead. Check our Schedule for upcoming classes. 

Euro Nymphing 101: Free class covering the basics of euro nymphing. Euro nymphing is quickly becoming a very popular method of fly fishing. Probably because it is incredibly effective. This class will teach you what you need to know to get on the water and start catching fish euro nymphing. Check our Schedule for upcoming classes. 

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Beginner's Guide to Fly Fishing

If you're new to fly fishing, our beginner's guide can help you get started. We cover everything you need to know to begin fly fishing, including selecting the right gear, choosing the best flies, and casting techniques. We also provide tips for catching fish in rivers and lakes.

Best Places to Fly Fish in Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is home to many excellent places to fly fish. Some of the best places to fish include the Grand River, Rogue River, Coldwater River, Thornapple River and the Flat River. We provide detailed information about these and other popular fishing spots, including where to park, the best times to fish, and what fish species you can expect to catch. Swing by the shop and we will get you set up for success. 


Book a Fly Fishing Trip in Grand Rapids

If you're ready to experience fly fishing in Grand Rapids, book a fly fishing trip. Our partners offer guided fly fishing trips that provide everything you need, including gear, flies, and an experienced guide. These trips are a great way to explore new fishing spots and learn more about fly fishing.