Gear Reviews

TC Tip Kit

Whether you’re a novice or an expert, swinging for steelhead demands adaptability. Water levels, temperature, and clarity all dictate how a fly should be presented. Having a selection of sink tips that will allow you to swing a fly in several different ways can often be the difference between a successful day, and another day of casting practice. The TC Tip Kit from Scientific Anglers is the perfect solution.

This kit includes 5 separate tips, giving you the ability to present your fly over a range of depths. They are tapered, allowing for a soft landing, as well as easy pick up. SA’s Mastery texture makes line pick up virtually effortless.

The lineup is as follows:


Int./Sink 2         1.25/2.0 ips (inches per second)

Sink 2/Sink 4     2.0/4.0 ips

Sink 3/Sink 5     3.0/5.0 ips

Sink 7                 7.0 ips

With these 5 tips, you’ve got all your bases covered. Each tip is color coded, and has welded loops on either end for easy switching. These kits come in 8’, 10’, 12’, and 15’. We have found the 10’ kits to be generally the best option for most rods and applications, especially switch rods on smaller rivers.

If you’re new to swinging, or are looking for a great way to streamline your tip selection, this is a no brainer. The included wallet makes this decision even easier.  Come in and check it out.

Echo Boost Series

It’s no surprise that streamer fishing has taken this sport to the next level. What used to be an afterthought within the fly fishing realm, pulling streamers is now at the forefront. Thus, many companies are creating rods to meet the demands of the modern streamer angler. One that we have been very fond of lately is the Echo Boost Series. These rods are light, powerful, and won’t break the bank.

The Boost series is a fast action rod, generating high line speeds which help to deliver large streamers accurately, precisely, and deliberately without fatigue. Although this series if offered in a wide array of rod weights, we really like the 6 and 7 weights for streamer applications.

The 6 weight is available in both freshwater and salt water models. They are very similar in action, but the saltwater version has a fighting butt, and a slightly modified handle. These things have become a staff favorite for trout and smallmouth bass.

At $229 for the freshwater versions, and $249 for the saltwater, these rods are a great choice for someone just getting into streamer fishing. Come in and test cast one!