Clown Egg

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Clown Egg

This is the almighty Clown Egg. It can be tied in a wide array of color combos, but this one has been reliable for us on most days.

Pink, Steelhead Orange, McCheese, and Golden McFly Foam is a really nice combo. Mix and match different colored foam to your liking, but this mix has been a standard in our boxes for years. 

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Pink Mcflyfoam (+)
Steelhead Orange Mcflyfoam (+)
McCheese Mcflyfoam (+)
Golden Mcflyfoam (+)
Gamakatsu C14S #6 (+)
Veevus 100D GSP (+)


Join 4 strands together, and cut into 1 inch segments. 

Very important that you use Gel Spun Thread for egg flies. It's immensely strong, doesn't stretch, and doesn't break. Veevus 100 denier white is a great thread for tying eggs. 

Start with a thread base, making nice tight wraps. The tighter the better, since this is the foundation of the entire fly. If the wraps are loose, the yarn can slip down the hook shank. Hang the thread halfway up the shank, just in front of the hook point. 

This is a sz 6 Gamakatsu egg hook. By far the best egg hooks out there.

Lay the yarn on top, and make 2 or 3 semi firm wraps, but don't pull too tightly yet. 

Turn the yarn 90 degrees, and make a few very tight figure 8 wraps right through the center of the yarn. Lock it down nice and tight so it won't move. This is where that Gel Spun thread comes into play. 

Once it's locked down, whip finish and cut the thread out. 

Now all you have to do is cut both sides evenly. Grab one side, pull it tightly, and make one clean cut with a pair of sharp scissors. The sharper the better, as this will give you a nice round shape. Loon Razor Scissors are great. 

Repeat for both sides. 

When you're finished, both halves of the yarn should create a sphere. If you don't cut each side at the same length, it won't create a nice round shape. 

You can mix any colors you want for clown eggs. Adding a strand of white yarn can give a really nice effect too. This color mix is kind of our "standard" clown when steelhead fishing, and just seems to perform reliably no matter the water conditions. Thanks for reading.