Firetiger Laser Dub Deceiver

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Firetiger Laser Dub Deceiver

Super versatile platform that is an absolute go-to when fish want that slightly smaller streamer. Try it in other color combos and find what suits your conditions best!

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Thread: Black 100D Veevus GSP (+)
Hook: Ahrex trout predator sz 1 (+)
Tail: chartreuse chinese saddle hackle (+)
Body: yellow uv polar chenille (+)
Bottom Shoulder: yellow Bucktail  (+)
Top Shoulder: blended chartreuse bucktail (+)
and black bucktail (+)
Flash wing: fire tiger holographic flashabou (+)
Head: Green Chartreuse laser dub (+)
and Fluorescent Hot Orange laser dub (+)
Eyes: 7mm living eyes (+)