The Frenchie

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The Frenchie

Lance Egan's Frenchie is one of our favorite Euro flies, used all year long, for trout and steelhead. Tie in any size, weight, color variation, and you will be fine. It's a simple fly with very few materials needed.

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Hook: Firehole 516 #10 (+)
or Umpqua U560 (+)
or Gamakatsu J20B (+)
or Daiichi 4647 (+)
Bead: 5/32" 3.8mm Slotted Tungsten Bead (+)
(Check out the Hook and Bead Size Chart for other hook sizes)
Weight: .025 Lead Wire (+)
Thread: 6/0 Veevus Fl Orange (+)
Ribbing: Small Ultra Wire Copper (+)
Tail: Natural Pheasant Tail (+)
or Coq De Leon (+)
Body: Natural Pheasant Tail (+)
Hot Spot: Orange Ice Dub (+)
or UV Shrimp Pink (+)
or Chartreuse (+)
or UV Pink (+)