Supinkski's Steelhead Soft Hackle

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Supinkski's Steelhead Soft Hackle

This is an extremely easy and deadly steelhead nymph that works all year. It's a great fly if you're looking to fill a box quickly.

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Hook: Daiichi 1120 sz 8 (+)
Thread: UNI 8/0 Black (+)
Tail/Body: Gadwall Feather (+)
Throat: Fusion Dub Eat a Peach (+)
Throat option: Ice Dub Shrimp Pink (+)
Legs: Hungarian Partridge (+)


Start with a thread base

Lay a Gadwall Feather on hook, and wrap backward.

Keep wraps spaced out to form a rib. 
Cut excess feather.

Form a dubbing ball. 
This will help elevate the legs.

Strip off opposing hackle barbs.

Give it a few wraps, tie off, whip finish.

This is an easy fly that you can crank out and fill a box quickly.