Wiggle Hex Nymph

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Wiggle Hex Nymph

This fly was made after messing around with the rag hex, dealing with the extended body took more time than it seemed to be worth. Slap on some small marabou and a soft hackle instead and you have a bonafide fish-catcher that can pass as either a nymph or small baitfish.

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Hook: Daiichi 1120 #6 or Core 1120 #6 (+)
Eyes: med black beadchain (+)
Weight: Lead Wire .025 (+)
Thread: brown 6/0 veevus (+)
Tail: Pheasant Rump Marabou or Grizzly Marabou (+)
Body: light yellow ice dub (+)
Wing case: peacock herl and opal tinsel (+)
Hackle: pheasant rump (+)