Swing Fly Tutorials and Patterns

Senyo's Artificial Intelligence (video)
Greg Senyo's Artificial Intelligence, or A.I. is a go to swing fly for Great Lakes Steelhead. Can be tied in many color combinations. 


Feenstra's Halloween Leech (video)
Originating from the Muskegon River, this is a great swing fly for Great Lakes Steelhead. Tied here on a shank with a trailer hook, this fly can also be tied on a Daiichi 2461.


Senyo's Stray Dog (video)
Senyo's Stray Dog Spey Fly. This is a very effective fly and is easy to tie. Works great for Michigan and Great Lakes steelhead. Can be tied in a variety of different color schemes.


Chocolate Rooster (video)
Simple Swing fly pattern.