Echo OHS (One Handed Spey) Rods

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Echo OHS (One Handed Spey) Rods

With so many different techniques used for steelhead in the Great Lakes region, it's difficult to keep it simple. Ask any experienced steelheader, and they will tell you they have a rod for everything. Swing rods, streamer rods, chuck and duck rods, indicator rods, bobber rods, etc etc. Not to mention the different lengths and weights for each of the aforementioned methods. Keeping it simple is almost impossible. But, if someone did want to simplify their arsenal, and have just one rod to do as many different things as possible, the Echo OHS would be it. 

The Echo OHS allows the angler to effectively fish in various ways with one rod. It's a jack of all trades, and is designed as a versatile tool for the steelhead angler. Especially in tight quarters like we often have in the Midwest. Swinging flies, bobber setups, indicator rigs, chuck and duck, and even european nymphing techniques can all be done with this rod. 

The main reason for this is the interchangeable handles. It comes with a standard fighting butt, and a longer handle section for your two handed casts. They are threaded, and screw in and out of the reel seat. Simply by swapping these out allows you to customize your technique for any given scenario. 

Coming in at 10'4", it's about perfect for many of the small to medium sized rivers that we often fish in the region. Many times, even a true switch rod can be a touch too long. Being under 11', this thing allows for a tighter, more compact delivery in small rivers. 

Being so short, you can also overhead cast this rod, and haul it, when paired with a short skagit head. Try doing that with a 12' switch or spey, and you will quickly find that it simply doesn't work. Not the case with the OHS. 

Even though many people use true switch rods for indicator and bobber fishing, sometimes even those rods can be a bit much. When fishing a smaller river, a rod exceeding 11' can interfere with branches and limbs, especially when you're standing close to shore, which is almost 100% of the time. Again, having something a little shorter can be a big advantage in this type of setting. 

Chuck and Duck as well as Euro Nymphing can also be done with this rod by using the short fighting butt. For chuck and duck, it's about perfect. For euro nymphing, yes, it's a tad heavy, but it can certainly be done. Even streamer fishing is an option. Point being, this rod can do a lot. 

Lightweight in hand, SIC ceramic stripping guides, hard chrome snake guides, emerald green graphite blank, anodized aluminum reel seat, medium fast action, high quality cork, lifetime warranty, etc etc. This rod will have a tremendous amount of play in the Great Lakes region not only for steelhead, but for several other species as well. Here's a video from Echo further explaining the versatility and specs of the OHS.