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With so many different techniques used for steelhead in the Great Lakes region, it's difficult to keep it simple. Ask any experienced steelheader, and they will tell you they have a rod for everything. Swing rods, streamer rods, chuck and duck rods, indicator rods, bobber rods, etc etc. Not to mention the different lengths and weights for each of the aforementioned methods. Keeping it simple is almost impossible. But, if someone did want to simplify their arsenal, and have just one rod to do as many different things as possible, the Echo OHS would be it.  The Echo OHS allows...

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TC Tip Kit Whether you’re a novice or an expert, swinging for steelhead demands adaptability. Water levels, temperature, and clarity all dictate how a fly should be presented. Having a selection of sink tips that will allow you to swing a fly in several different ways can often be the difference between a successful day, and another day of casting practice. The TC Tip Kit from Scientific Anglers is the perfect solution. This kit includes 5 separate tips, giving you the ability to present your fly over a range of depths. They are tapered, allowing for a soft landing, as...

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