Scientific Anglers TC Tip Kit

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Scientific Anglers TC Tip Kit

TC Tip Kit

Scientific Anglers Tip Kit

Whether you’re a novice or an expert, swinging for steelhead demands adaptability. Water levels, temperature, and clarity all dictate how a fly should be presented. Having a selection of sink tips that will allow you to swing a fly in several different ways can often be the difference between a successful day, and another day of casting practice. The TC Tip Kit from Scientific Anglers is the perfect solution.

This kit includes 5 separate tips, giving you the ability to present your fly over a range of depths. They are tapered, allowing for a soft landing, as well as easy pick up. SA’s Mastery texture makes line pick up virtually effortless.

The lineup is as follows:


Int./Sink 2         1.25/2.0 ips (inches per second)

Sink 2/Sink 4     2.0/4.0 ips

Sink 3/Sink 5     3.0/5.0 ips

Sink 7                 7.0 ips