Lamson Liquid Fly Reel Review

Lamson Liquid Fly Reel Review

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The Lamson Liquid fly reels have exceeded expectations over the past couple years. It's hard to find a reel that performs as reliably as these, at such an affordable price. For someone looking to save money on a setup, this reel option makes that decision incredibly easy. Starting at $99, this is the epitome of smart design and high performance. 

The body of this reel is made from a "pressure cast aluminum," so they aren't "carved" out of a block of high grade steel. The aluminum is liquefied, then injected into a mold to create the shape you see above. This keeps costs low, while still offering a strong product. It's then coated in a polyurethane finish to add durability. We have been thoroughly impressed by these things, and so have our customers. 

The drag system has an "infinite" adjustment range, meaning it doesn't click when turned. It's a smooth adjustment dial, so you can set it at just the right amount of resistance. Most other reels use a series of stacked discs or rotors. This one is entirely different, using a cone design as the main braking mechanism. The cone is pressed into the drag housing, creating an immensely strong system in a very compact space. A really well designed layout, and is offered on all Lamson reels. Their high end reels have the EXACT same drag system as the Liquid. 


This reel is a great way to bulk up your arsenal without breaking the bank. Many buy them to use with their more "obscure" setups that don't get touched very often. Things like small stream rods, bluegill rods, backup rods, or even musky setups. 

Another fun option is the Liquid 3 Pack, which comes with two additional spools, and a foam carrying case. It's an easy way to broaden your approach on the water. A popular setup is a floating line, an intermediate, and a sink tip. Or a nymph specific line, dry fly line, and a streamer line. Or a glow line, popper line, and a euro nymph line. The loadouts are endless.

Lamson Waterworks is strictly a reel company. They design fly reels, and nothing else. That says a lot! A great product from Lamson, and a hugely popular staff favorite at Nomad Anglers. 

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