Loon Ergo Underfur Comb

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Loon Ergo Underfur Comb

When spinning, stacking, and trimming deer hair, underfur is your enemy. It interferes with the ability of the hairs to stack evenly, and prevents them from spinning freely. It's an obstacle that is easily removed with the Ergo Underfur Comb from Loon. 

Especially with late season deer, the underfur grows at the base of the body hairs, right next to the skin. It's also called "directional hair," and is an added layer of insulation that develops throughout the winter to keep the deer warm. But it presents major problems when tying, so it's best to remove it. 

This stuff:

The Ergo Comb pulls it all out nice and smoothly. If you skip this, it can really interfere with the tying process. A nice little tool for someone who ties with a lot of deer body and belly hair. A perfect Christmas gift for the fly tyer in your life who has everything. Get yours below!