Simms G4 Pro Wading Boot

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Simms G4 Pro Wading Boot

New from Simms for 2019, the G4 Pro Wading Boot is downright impressive. Extremely well designed and built from top quality materials, this boot simply delivers.


First feature is the TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurathane) material used for the upper portion of the boot. It's abrasion resistant, flexible, lightweight, and strong. It sheds water instantly, keeping the boot lightweight. It's stitch-less, and essentially welded together as one singular piece. Very nice. 

Another nice consideration is the low profile lacing system. Instead of bulky stainless steel rivets, the laces enter the boot directly into that TPU material through a small rivet. This decreases line catch, especially when fishing from a boat. 

Also features a really nice speed hook to lock your ankle into the boot. It's quite long, relieving stress on the laces, which prevents lace breakage. Smart.

One of the coolest aspects of this boot are the threaded stud ports. Easy on, easy off, kind of like a golf shoe. Especially useful for anglers frequently switching from wading to boat fishing. Or if your studs are worn down, installing a new set is super easy with this system. If you've ever tried to install studs straight into a rubber sole, you know how much of a hassle it is. This is the first boot ever made with this feature. 


Another highlight is the flared profile of the sole. The angle of the sole widens at the bottom, which obviously provides nice support when wading. A subtle design feature, but a very important aspect for a wading boot.

Also features drain holes on the inside edge. The tread overall is pretty aggressive and toothy. Vibram soles are tough to beat. 

On the inside, the boot contains 100 percent closed cell foam and neoprene throughout. This retains very little water, again keeping the boot lightweight and fending off mildew growth. Up front, a roomy toe box, keeping you comfortable and warm. The heel pocket is a molded foam, with added padding on the backside to provide stability and a firm hold. 

A good pair of boots will make your day on the water so much more enjoyable. Period. No single piece of gear can make or break your day as much as a solid set of wading boots. The stability, comfort, and durability will keep you on the water longer.

These things are rock solid, and a definite upgrade from previous models. Back in October, the Simms G4 Pro boot won "Best Wading Boot" at IFTD 2019. A fantastic high-tech addition to the Simms lineup. Follow the link below to get yours now.