Streamer Tutorials and Patterns

Easy Diver Template
This is a cool design we've been tinkering with lately. It's super easy, the only hard part is the wedge head...




Finesse Game Changer (video)
This is an easy version of the Finesse Game Changer. A great pattern for bass, trout, and anything else that swims. Change up the colors as conditions dictate. For more durability, add super glue to each whip finish as you go forward on the fly. Shout out to Blane Chocklett for this ingenious system!


Hi-Vis Shiner (video)
A general purpose, easy to tie streamer pattern for smallmouth bass and trout. Best used in dirty water after a rain on a sunny day. A good imitation of stocker rainbow trout, brown trout, and fingerling salmon that are often planted in Springtime months. 



Pintail Clouser
This is an easy pattern for bass and trout. Works well in clear water on sunny days, when fish are holding in deeper water.