Easy Diver Template

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Easy Diver Template

This is a cool design we've been tinkering with lately. It's super easy, the only hard part is the wedge head...

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Hook: Ahrex TP650 sz 1 (+)
Thread: Veevus 100D GSP (+)
Tail: SF Flash Blend White (+)
Body: Polar Chenille Gold UV (+)
Collar: Laser Dub White (+)
Head: Deer Belly Hair White (+)
Finish: Loon UV Thin (+)


Other Tools Used in this tutorial:
Loon Razon Scissors (+) 

Tie SF Flash blend in, fold front portion back. Taper the ends with scissors.

Tie in Polar Chenille (Chartuese shown) and palmer forward.
Stop just before bend in hook.

Add a nice clump of white laser dub. 

Fold it over like so.

 Stack and tie in the deer collar. Trim the butt ends out.


Now spin and pack two separate clumps of deer to make a solid head. 

Whip finish and cut thread off. 

Take your razor and make one clean cut on the bottom of head. 

Should look something like this.

Do the same to the topside. 

For the sides, the Loon Razor Scissors are a good way to get clean edges.   
Two clean cuts should be enough to form the wedge head.


Coat head with Loon UV Thin to give it a smooth hard surface, which will translate to an erratic fluttering action. Change the color of polar chenille to your liking, gold is another good choice.