Lockdown Minnow

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Lockdown Minnow

This is an easy fly that we have aptly named The LOCKDOWN MINNOW. It has “saved the day” for us more than a few times. Even though it’s pretty simple in design, it still offers the same triggers as more complex flies, i.e. Movement on the pause, side to side action, and a neutral buoyancy that drive bass wild. When you watch this thing fluttering over submerged boulders in the afternoon sun, and see fish come out and wreck it, you’ll understand! A very fun and effective template.

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Hook: Gamakatsu B10S #2 (+)
Shank: Articulated Fish Spine Shank 25mm (+)
Thread: Veevus 50D White (+)
Tail: Wooly Bugger Marabou Yellow (+)
Body: Finesse Game Changer Chenilee Medium Yellow (+)
Head: Laser Dub Yellow and White (+)
Eyes: 1/4" Adhesive eyes Super Pearl (+)