Sunny Day Flash Fly By Kevin Feenstra

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Sunny Day Flash Fly By Kevin Feenstra

Kevin Feenstra's Sunny Day Flash Fly. Quote from Kevin "This is the brightest of sunny day flies, and there are days that fish wont take anything else" 

Materials -

Shank: 40-45mm (+)
Connector: Senyos Wire (+)
Tail: Black Craft Fur (+)
Tail Flash: Saltwater Flashabou Mirage (+)
Body: Olive Ice Dub (+)
Eyes: 4mm Silver Bead Chain (+)
Hackle: Mallard Flank (+)
Flash: Yellow Flashabou (+) Gold  Flashabou (+) Red Flashabou (+) Green Flashabou (+) Perch Flashabou (+)
Hook: Gamakatsu Octopus size 4 (+)

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