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This is an easy pattern for bass and trout. Works well in clear water on sunny days, when fish are holding in deeper water.  MATERIALS:(+) add to cart  THREAD: 100 Denier GSP Veevus White (+)HOOK: Gamakatsu B10s sz 2 (+)EYE: Double Pupil Lead Eyes Medium (+)TAIL: Fly Skinz Thin Finz Medium (+)FLASH: Predator Wrap Barred UV, (+)Pearl Polar Flash (+)BODY: Extra select craft fur Grey (+) and White (+)THROAT: White Laser Dub (+)Loon UV Thin to finish (+) --> ADD ALL TO CART <--  

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A favorite pattern from our pal at Outfitters North - Jeff Hubbard - a must have for the Pere Marquette River in July and August.  Hook - Tiemco 2312 Size 6-10Tail -  Red Ice Dubbing Body - Tan and Dark Green FoamDub - Caddis Green Ice DubLegs - Back Red Centipede LegsFront - Tan Centipede LegsWing - Light Deer Hair

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MATERIALS:(+) add to cart Hook: Gamakatsu C14S #10 (+)Thread: Veevus 100D White (+)Body: Silver Minnow Belly Laser Dub (+)and White Laser Dub (+)Throat: Tangerine McFlyFoam (+)Flash: Pearl Krystal Flash (+)Head: Fish Mask #3 (+)Eyes: 3D Adhesive Eyes Super Pearl 5/32" (+)Loon UV Clear Fly Finish Thin (+) --> ADD ALL TO CART <--

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