Vernal Caddis

Vernal Caddis

During the Spring, caddis larva are a big food source for trout and steelhead. They become dislodged from the gravel when steelhead start fanning the rocks to make their beds. Next time you're on the river, tie this on, and drift it through the pool below any active gravel. Pretty solid fly choice. They are super easy to tie, and the clear vinyl rib adds durability, and a nice segmentation that looks better than plain wire. Get with the program and tie some up. Can't go wrong with this one! 


Hook: Daichii 1120 sz 8
Bead: Tungsten Matte Black 5/32 
Thread: 6/0 Uni or Veevus Black
Rib: Vinyl Rib Clear Nymph
Body: Caddis Green Ice Dub
Throat: Wicked Black Ice Dub

Other stuff

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Loon UV Thin Resin
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