Northview Fly Squad - Colorado 2018

Northview Fly Squad - Colorado 2018

Throughout the year the Northview Fly Squad prepared for what would be an incredible journey to the clear streams and breath taking views of Colorado.  Weekly meetings that focused on the fundamentals of fly fishing, fly tying and fundraising allowed students of the Northview Fly Fishing Club (Fly Squad) the means and skills necessary to make a dream become a reality.

On July 11th, 2018, 9 students and two staff of the Northview Fly Squad embarked on a journey that would take them into the wilds of Colorado in search of Tranquility and trout. 

The South Platte River system would capture the hearts of all, providing many hours of dry fly and nymphing opportunities for browns, cutthroat and rainbows.  Patience and persistence allowed the students to hook and land many trout over the course of the 10-day adventure.

Catching fish is a small part of any fishing trip as the squad found out over the course of their adventure.  Traveling together, cooking, living, laughing, sharing stories and wildlife sightings all make up the experience.  The Fly Squad and the trips we take is about creating lasting memories and friendships, while providing a hobby that will last a life time.

Without the support of the Northview Community, parents, and of course the students of the Northview Fly Squad, this amazing trip would still be a dream that they would always be chasing.  A special thanks to Erick Johnson of Scientific Anglers, Nomad Anglers, Matt Grajewski, Great Lakes Fly Fishing Company and many more who donated gear, time, passion and funds.