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Skagit Intermediate

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We have a completely redesigned our Skagit head series for 2021.  Leaving the traditional, level-belly Skagit tapers behind, our new lines are fully tapered from end to end.  This provides the smoothest power delivery from the rod, through the line, to the tip, and ultimately to the fly.  We have painstakingly optimized the tip diameter of these heads to cover a broad spectrum of sink tip lengths and weights. No matter what you attach to the end, this line will deliver it accurately with authority.

 The intermediate head swings deeper and slower than it’s floating counterpart.  Our intermediate Skagit excels at waking up lethargic fish with a deep, tantalizing presentation.  It is available in a moss green color that is visible at distance, but not too obnoxious.  The back of the head is identified with a black band that contrasts well with bright colored shooting lines.

  • Compact, powerful design with fully tapered belly for consistent turnover and accurate delivery
  • Designed to be used with sink tips for targeting steelhead and salmon
  • High contrast sighter at the rear of the head identifies the perfect overhang
  • Intermediate sink density swings flies deeper and slower than a floating head
  • Braided multifilament core for moderate and cold climates
  • SA_SKAGIT_XXX_GR_I – (### = grain weight)
  • What grain size will work for my rod? Click here