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Steelhead Dreams

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Steelhead Dreams: The Theory, Method, Science and Madness of Steelhead Fly-fishing

When "Steelhead Dreams" debuted in 2001, it was heralded as the new "bible" on Great Lakes steelhead fly-fishing. Twelve years later Matt Supinski is back with a fully updated version of this bestseller. With global climate change and new aquatic invaders in the Great Lakes, the river and lake ecosystems have changed drastically - and so have the steelhead and their runs. Master angler and guide Matt Supinski spends 300 days a year chasing steelhead so he's on top of it. He also discusses new tackle technology; Spey, Skagit & Scandi casting and fishing; new fly plates with hot new steelhead flies; pioneering Great Lakes personalities; expands chapters on lake-run brown trout and the emerging Atlantic salmon fishery in the Great Lakes. Everyone can learn from one of America's top steelhead guides.