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Ultimate Steelhead Combo

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There are three primary methods used for steelhead fishing in the midwest: indicator fishing, swinging, and "chuck n duck". This combo kit will set you up with everything you need for each of these methods. The Remix HD 3 pack gives you a different spool for each line, allowing you to easily switch between methods on the water. The full cage design of the Remix HD prevents thin shooting lines from slipping between the reel and the spool, and its fully sealed drag will stand up to the freezing conditions steelheaders often endure. Here is what is included:

- Echo SR 10'10" 7wt or 8wt

- Waterworks Lamson Remix HD 9+ (3 Pack)

- Scientific Anglers Amplitude Anadro/Nymph Line

- Scientific Anglers Skagit Floating line

- Scientific Anglers Floating Monocore Shooting line

Scientific Anglers Absolute Flat Mono 35lb 

- Scientific Anglers TC Tips Complete Kit 

- Backing

*NOTE combo kits are subject to availability. Orders may take a week or more to ship or be available for pickup. For current availability give us a call!