Crusty Craw

Crusty Craw

This is a really simple, highly effective crayfish pattern for smallmouth bass. Works all year in deeper spots. It lands hard, so in shallow flats it might scare fish off, but in deeper pools and runs it works great.

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Hook: Ahrex TP650 sz 1/0 (+)
Thread: Veevus 100 Denier White (+)
Eyes: Medium Plain Lead Eyes (+)
Claws: Micro Rabbit Strips Crawfish Orange (+)
Eyes: Stonfo Plastic V type Eyes (+)
Legs: Crazy Legs Brown/Orange Flake (+)
Underbody: Crawdub Burnt Orange (+)
Body: Chromatic Brush 1.5" Tiger (+)


Also used in this tutorial

Renzetti Traveler 2000 (+)
Loon Razor Scissors 4" (+) 

Attach lead eyes at the bend in hook. Should be positioned just as the hook slopes downward

Tie in a small tuft of rabbit deep into the bend of the hook. Trim the hairs before tying in. 

Put in a small pinch of Crawdub dubbing, then attach the V type eyes. Again, we are still slightly down into the bend of the hook at this point, working our way up to the shank.

One more pinch of dubbing to cover the stem of the eyes. 

Take 3 full length rubber legs, tie them in at the midpoint, and fold them backwards. Tie down and secure. Should leave you with 6 legs facing back.

Yet another clump of dubbing. Make this one a bit larger to help keep the claws spread out. 

Take 2 strips of rabbit, and trim the hair to resemble claws. Tie them on either side of the hook, so they flare out off that dubbing ball.

Add another small pinch of dub, then take 2 full length rubber legs, tie them in at the middle, and fold front portion forward. 

Now tie in the brush. Move your thread in front of the lead the eyes so you'll be able to tie down the brush once it makes it there.

Wrap it forward, making sure to stroke the fibers back with each wrap. When you get to the lead eyes, pass the brush under the eyes. 

Do a couple turns in front of the eyes, then take a pair of long blade scissors and trim the underside to clear the hook gap a bit. 

Trim the rubber legs so they are slightly longer than the claws. Done. Feel free to glue around both sets of eyes for more durability.