Feenstra's Code Breaker

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Feenstra's Code Breaker

Kevin Feenstra's Code Breaker swing fly. This fly is tied true to Kevin Feenstra's Codebreaker shiner recipe, except we subbed light yellow instead of fluorescent yellow for the body. Just for the sake of dealing with our low, clear water conditions this season.

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Hook: 40mm shankGamakatsu Octopus sz.4 hook (+)
Eyes: large gold bead chain (+)
Lateral Flash: Pearl lateral scale (+)
Tail: grey olive craft fur (+)
Body: fluorescent yellow ice dub (+)
Collar: extra large mallard flank (+)
Head: cinnamon ice dub (+)
Under wing: smolt blue ripple ice fiber (+)
Flash Wing: ice blue flashabou, pearl flashabou, blue pearl polar flash (+)