Kevin Feenstra's Stream Punk - Goby Variant

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Kevin Feenstra's Stream Punk - Goby Variant

Just like several other of Michigan's most productive swing patterns, This Round Goby imitation comes from Kevin Feenstra. Same flash and color scheme as his Stream Punk, only with some added weight and extra feathers. 

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Hook: 40mm shank (+)
and sz 4 gamakatsu octopus (+)
Eyes: med gold or black dumbbell (+)
Tail: Extra select craft fur tan (+)
Tail wing: Grizzly Marabou Golden Brown (+)
Body: gold uv polar chenille (+)
Front Shoulder: Extra select craft fur tan (+)
Wing:Grizzly Marabou Golden Brown (+)
Flash Wing: gold polar flash (+)
white flashabou (+)
and clear/black grizzly barred flashabou (+)
Collar: Mallard flank (+)
Head: light rainbow scud dub (+)
and tan laser dub (+)