Matt Grajewski's Yard Sale - Trout/Bass Size

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Matt Grajewski's Yard Sale - Trout/Bass Size

Matt Grajewski is the owner and founder of Adaptive Fly and a Fly Tying Ambassador for Renzetti. In this video Matt Grajewski sits down with Jon Ray of Mangled fly and covers the details of tying his Yard Sale fly in a trout/bass size. For a video of the Pike/Muskie sized Yard Sale click here...

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Hook: Gamakatsu B10s #1/0 and 2/0 (+)
Thread: UTC ultra thread 210 White (+)
Wire: .035 Lead Wire (+)
Tail: Schlappen Yellow (+)
or Whiting American Rooster Saddle
Body: Flash N Slinky Brown & Yellow (+)
Flash: Polarflash Gold (+)
Wing: Craft Fur Medium Brown (+)
Connection: 30lb Maxima Ultragreen (+)
Beads: 3D Streamer Beads Yellow Olive (+)
Head: Laser Dub Yellow and Brown (+)
Eyes: Living Eyes 10mm Fire (+)
Adhesives: Zap Gel (+)
& Superglue Brush on (+)


Also used in this video...
Renzetti Saltwater Traveler 6x6 Base (+)
Hareline Finger Dubbing Brush (+)
Hareline Low Profile Trash holder (+)