December 18th | Merry Fishmas

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December 18th | Merry Fishmas

Merry Fishmas to all! 

Steelhead fishing has been pretty darn good with the little warm up over the weekend. Water was about perfect, with a slight stain and a nice level. Fish were active and playful. 

Mainly on bright clown eggs and hex flies. 

Trout bite was good too. Stoneflies and caddis were working fine. 

The rest of this week looks to be pretty chilly, but by the weekend it should warm up, and stay that way for the rest of next week. Should be good for some Christmas angling!

Not much else to add on the steelhead front. Fish are out there, just have to plug away and keep at it. One great thing about Winter steelhead fishing, is by 5:30pm it's dark out, giving you ample time to get home, clean up, and get ready to meet up for dinner and drinks with friends. Unlike June, when you get home at 3am feeling like a total trianwreck, smelling like cigars and deet, and questioning your life choices. It's nice to get home at a decent time, and feel like a normal human being. 

Thanks for the support this season everyone! Shops have been running strong. Remember we have extended Holiday hours this week and next, and we are loaded up with great gifts and stocking stuffers.

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