December 6th 2022

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December 6th 2022

Steelhead / Brown Trout Fishing Report 

Steelhead around Grand Rapids has been a little slower due to water levels being very low in almost all of our rivers. We have found a few fish around Grand Rapids in the tribs, for the most part it's been an all nymph bite. Size 8-12 nymphs have been getting the only bites of the day, the flies we have been using in my boat are (Hex nymphs, Krilla, and Stoneflies). Yesterday we had fish take on size 10 Stones. As you travel further north the fishing has been a little better, with the Pere Marquette fishing very well right now, along with the Muskegon picking up. The big problem right now is water levels across the state, so pray for rain or snow!! 

Oh Mr. brown trout... with weather being very mild this December the brown trout fishing has been very good. Doesn't matter which way you want to fish for them they are biting. Funny enough while guiding yesterday I watched some smaller browns rise to midges, so yes you could probably catch them anyway you want, (Dry flies, Streamers, Nymphs). But seriously we have been very successful getting fish to chase small streamers, like the mini Dungeons, standard wooly bugger, and sparkle minnows. Nymph bite has really picked up as well, Tight line Nymphing has been king to getting better size fish to bite. 

So get out there this week, Fishing has been steady and with the snow/rain on the forecast it should pick up. 

We have some great events on the calendar this month. Come join us and tie some flies at Brews and Bugs this Thursday December 8th from 5-7.


In the coming weeks we also have some another Brews and Bugs class on the 15th and Fly Tying club on the 22nd. 

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Check out our Class Schedule for the full winter class list. 

Steelhead Guide Trips

Also I do have Winter Steelhead dates open for booking, 

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Like Always Good Luck and Have fun 
- Christian Gradowski