Hex Camp

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Hex Camp

And just like that hex camp was over.  Many people look forward to November 15th each year for a pilgrimage up-north for deer camp. We, on the other hand, have looked forward to the end of June and have begun to create memories that will be passed down to grandkids someday.  Good food, friends, fires, and fish is the perfect mix for your soul during these uncertain times.  Politics are checked at the door for the most part and trying to piece together the puzzle pieces of the hex hatch is the main objective.   This year we had success and bugs were consistent enough to make things interesting most nights. The bugs were a mix of hatchers and spinners each night with fish deciding to be a bit picky compared to past years.  The ISO bite leading up to the hatch was off and on and continued to improve each passing night.

With temperatures approching 70 degrees on many of the trout streams we will start to focus more on the warmwater species.  The Grand, Flat and Thornapple has been fishing well and topwater bite has been pretty good.  As long as we don't get dumped with heavy rains wade fishing is available in most spots.   

Trout tactics will switch to early morning terrestrials, euro nymphing and small streamers with long leaders. Mousing will also start to heat up but be aware of 70 degree temperatures that put to much stress on the fish.  

We look forward to beginning a few outdoor classes in July and wish everyone a safe and successful July 4th.