January 25 2023

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January 25 2023

Trout Fishing Update - 

Winter Trout... It's not for the weak minded let me tell you, whether its frozen hands, frozen feet, or just your whole body is frozen it takes a certain person with the right amount of passion to do it. With all those things there are a few people who love it, and myself along with my client Jim are those crazy people standing in the river in a snowstorm chasing trout. We had a slow morning working side pockets Euro Nymphing very slow water and inside seams which got us a couple smaller trout nothing to write home about. We kept our heads down and Jim was fishing hard, not letting the slow fishing discourage him, he just kept fishing. Standing there looking unfazed by the snow and the bone chilling wind, but with all the weather trying to break us we fished one last deeper winter hole I love to fish this time of year. That hole basically saved the day, as Jim started at the head of the run getting a few fish to bite, he worked his way to back very slow deep part of the hole which rewarded us with a nice 14 inch brown which for the upper part of the rogue is a great fish! 

All the fish basically came from two patterns just different sizes. 
I had Jim running a very typical Euro Nymphing rig - 
Small Frenchie in Hot Pink and Shrimp Pink as the point fly and a Carpet Caddis as the anchor fly. Check out the videos for these patterns below. 

The shop just got a giant re-load on tying materials so swing by and stock up for the upcoming cold snap. And don't forget to check out our class schedule and get signed up for one of our upcoming Brews and Bugs Classes, or stop by for Fly Tying Club and meet some new people and swap some favorite patterns. Hope to see you soon!



Brews & Bugs w/ Drew Rosema (Trout Spey)
January 26th 5-7pm (Click here to buy a ticket)
Brews & Bugs w/ Christian Gradowski (Trout Streamers) 
February 9th 5-7pm (Click here to buy a ticket)
Check out our Class Schedule for the full winter class list. 

Steelhead Guide Trip Deals 

Right now I'm running a winter special for half day steelhead trips: $275 for a four hour half day trip. contact me at christian@nomadanglers.com for current availability

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Like Always Good Luck and Have Fun

- Christian Gradowski