January 4th 2023

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January 4th 2023

So Michigan did Michigan things again over the last 2 weeks... From 20 inches of snow and -10 degrees, to rain and highs in the 50s. But here at the shop we aren't complaining because we needed the water bad. With all the melt off and rain, every river across the state got a much needed bump in flows.

The fish have been loving it as well which makes catching fish a little easier with some color and higher water level opening up some secondary fishing lies which have been too low to fish for a while. The bump in flows should also bring some fish upstream into the local water.

Steelhead have been on their winter nymph kick for the last week or so, size 8-12 nymphs like Stoneflies, Green Caddis, and princes nymphs being the winners to get fish to eat. But as is often the case eggs have been king. Try some of the bigger rag eggs in the dirty water, and dont be afraid to break out some bright colors to break through the murky water.

Trout fishing has remained steady, cold water temps from the run off has slowed the bite a bit but they are still around. If you want to target trout right now I would focus on winter holding areas, softer slower water where they dont have to expend as much energy. Slow down your presentations and make sure to get deep. Any nymph in the size range of 12-16 with a natural look and a small hot spot has been working, we normal change out nymphs every other run we fish, so don't be scared to change up quite a bit till you find the color of the day.

Streamer fishing for trout has been okay, it can really be hero or zero this time of year. But winter can often produce a great streamer bite if you are willing to grind it out. 

We have some great events on the calendar this month. Come join us and tie some flies at Brews and Bugs Thursday January 12th from 5-7pm

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Advanced Fly Fishing Tactics w/ Mangled Fly (Jon Ray and Ed McCoy) 
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Check out our Class Schedule for the full winter class list. 

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Like Always Good Luck and Have Fun

- Christian Gradowski