July 10, 2018 - Heat Wave

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July 10, 2018 - Heat Wave

The past two weeks have been some of the hottest I can remember for June and July. This weeks forecast calls for more of the same with little to no rain on the horizon. As daytime temperatures consistently reach 90 degrees, water temperatures continue to rise making trout fishing difficult, and stressful on the fish. Nymphing early in the morning on some of the colder, groundwater fed rivers has been productive, but as the day goes on and water temperatures rise the bite slows down and the Trout are better off left to cope with the heat. Bring a thermometer with you next time you head to the river, if water temperatures are approaching 68-70 degrees Trout are under considerable stress and should be left alone. 

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That being said, with the warmer weather Bass fishing locally is in full swing. The Muskegon River, Grand River, Rogue River and Thornapple River have all had great reports in the last week. Streamer bite has been good early morning, and top water action has been picking up in the evening. 

Bass fishing is a riot, now is a great time to explore new water and enjoy the heat, cold beer, and company of good friends. 

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