July 13th 2023

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July 13th 2023

Bye bugs we will see you next year! Now that the hatches are almost all done and the days are warmer night time mousing is picking up. So break out the 8wts and floating lines and start chucking mice at the bank!

Now, what if you're not a night time person? Well you're in luck because it’s also hopper season. Once the sun gets high, look for shady wood piles, over hanging trees, cut banks, and most importantly tall grass that over hangs next to the water! With hopper fishing sometimes it’s about drawing them out to come take a swipe at it! Don't be afraid to twitch a bigger fly for the bigger fish, but sometimes sizing down will produce numbers. 

We finally got some rain and when it rains that means the bass become happy because there’s more water and a rush of colder water in the river system. We have still been absolutely hammering fish on poppers in the morning hours and streamers as the sun gets high up in the sky. Poppers and topwater flies like mr wigglys in green, black, white and yellow have been putting the most fish in the boat for me right now. Streamers have been a little more inconsistent with different colors producing on different days. Focus on the water color and try to find something that will stand out and get their attention. 

Plenty of other options for warm water going on as well, don't be afraid to target some different species as we roll into the dog days of summer. 

Guide Trips for bass..

I am running 6 hour bass trips for $400 right now, if anyone one is interested in these trips feel free to reach out to me via my cell (248-875-4143) or my email Christian@nomadanglers.com

Have a great weekend everyone and Good luck out there! 

-Christian Gradowski