July 26th 2019 | Dog Days

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July 26th 2019 | Dog Days

Summer is here and it's HOT. This weekend will be in the upper 80s, which will continue into next week. It's always fun to think back to the polar vortex, when everyone was hunkered indoors, thinking about those long summer evenings on the river. It's here, get out and take advantage of it! 

We've been mainly targeting smallmouth bass. Lots of topwater action, requiring long stealthy casts with little foam bugs and poppers. It can be pretty challenging, especially when fishing narrow rivers, where you have to place your fly a long way downstream from the boat. Many times, they spook before you can even engage them. Broad rivers allow for a sideways presentation, which really gives us a stealth advantage. Sometimes wading in can be advantageous. 


Poppers in Black and Blue have been reliable. Many of the damsel flies are blue, green, and black. Fishing these much like a hopper, drifting them downstream with soft twitches, can get the job done. 


Small streamers are always an option as well, especially in holes and trenches. Either a 200gr sink tip or intermediate line on a 6 or 7wt line works fine. Look for deep holes that are in bright sun, as these seem to always be good for a fish or two.

With the hot weather, our local trout fishing has been semi-productive. The water has been really warm, and can be stressful on the fish. Found this trout rolling along the bottom of our local river the other day. Not sure if someone mishandled it, or it simply died due to lack of oxygen. Either way, treat the local trout with care!

Farther north, where the rivers generally run cooler, the night time stuff has been good. Couple fish were caught last weekend on mice and gurglers. 

During the day, small terrestrial patterns, stimulators, and ants are another good route to take. Nymphing the choppy runs can also be effective. 

Here's a quick video for the Warpaint Minnow. A killer fly that's been productive all season. 

 Thanks for the support!