June 27th 2019 | Whats the Date Again?

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June 27th 2019 | Whats the Date Again?

This has been, hands down, the strangest dry fly season in recent memory. The hatch charts and meticulously kept fishing journals can be thrown right out the window. Its late June and there are still no solid reports of hex. Dry fly windows have been short, but when the stars have aligned, there has been some great fishing. 

Brown Drakes are still around on many rivers, even gray drakes, but it seems they're there one night and gone the next. Iso fishing during the day and in the evening has been productive and should continue to be for some time. The seemingly endless rain in the forecast has provided for some good streamer fishing as well. 

The first truly hot weather of the summer arrived this week, and that is good news for the hex hatch we have all been eagerly awaiting. A few of these 90 degree days and we will be right in the thick of it. Now if the rain will just hold off we will be golden. Get out there, do some recon, put in the time and you will be rewarded. 

The next few days will be prime. Gotta imagine those bugs are eager to hatch, but they just need a little more warmth to rev up their metabolism. If it doesn't get too cold at night, things should will really get rolling. 

During the day when not much else is going on, don't forget about the hundreds of creeks throughout the state. A 3wt and a small box of little attractors is a great way to burn a few hours in the middle of the day. Delicate casts, stealthy wading, and beautiful little brook trout is as enjoyable as it gets. 

Essential Gear:

Patagonia Minimalist Jacket

Lightweight, breathable, packable. Great for hot summer evenings if there's a chance of rain. 

Patagonia Capilene Cool Daily Fish Graphic Shirt 

The perfect hot weather shirt. Moisture wicking, fast drying, sun protection, stylish. A must have for summer trout hunters. 


Orvis Mirage LT

New from Orvis, this reel has a beautiful low end drag, protecting light tippet when handling large fish.


Loon Ferrule Wax

Make sure your rod is seated securely with ferrule wax. Most of the rod breaks we see occur at the ferrules, when one section slides upward, causing the rod to stress and fracture. Prevent this, with a simple puck of wax. 

Simms Freestone Backpack

A very well thought out backpack from Simms. It's low profile, compact design makes it easy to carry on the water. The integrated net holster cradles any of the fishpond nets beautifully. Great for the wading hex hunter.

Keep in mind, we offer FREE SHIPPING on any and all orders placed on our website! 

Good luck to everyone headed up this weekend, should be solid no matter what happens. Thanks for the support!