June 29th 2023

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June 29th 2023

Warm weather returned last week and it blew the lid off the hex fishing. Good reports from across the state have been rolling in all week. The little dip in temps we had earlier this week should draw things out just enough for a last hurrah of hex fishing this weekend. 

Iso fishing remains consistent before the hatch, and as we roll into the summer day time terrestrial fishing will pick up as the weather permits as will the late night mousing if you're into that sort of thing...

Just like the trout eating surface flies during the night we got bass eating on the surface all day long. For the last 2 weeks have been some of the best fishing days I have had personally and with clients, doesn’t seem to matter what you throw out there all you really have to do is make sure it floats and pops! Last week Wednesday was a day I won’t forget, Phill called me up to book a trip a couple weeks ago we figured out a day and while talking on the phone phill asked me one thing and one thing only. “Can we only fish top water” as I guide I never like to live and die on a pattern or way of fishing but I said to him we will throw top water till your arm falls off. Well guess what, we did exactly that, we met at 6:45am hopped in the boat and started fishing, while in the first 20 minutes we were 4-4 on smallies nothing huge but good teen size fish. At 7:35am we hooked what I call a grand river giant l! 

After that phill and I both didn’t care what happen for the next 5 hours, well I did matter because we ended up losing count of how many fish we caught and missed the fly. I’ll stop blabbing about our fish stories just know if you are headed out bass fishing this weekend you better have poppers on deck! 

Holiday Weekend Shop Hours: Grand Rapids will be CLOSED Sunday July 2nd - Tuesday July 4th, East Lansing will be CLOSED Monday July 3rd and Tuesday July 4th. 

Guide Trips for bass..

I am running 6 hour bass trips for $400 right now, if anyone one is interested in these trips feel free to reach out to me via my cell (248-875-4143) or my email Christian@nomadanglers.com

Have a great weekend everyone and Good luck out there! 

-Christian Gradowski