March 23rd 2023

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March 23rd 2023

Steelhead are here!!! All over the state the steelhead are starting to show up in great numbers! Over the last week I have spent a lot of time fishing the Grand River in the heart of Grand Rapids with some awesome success! Its been a little tricky with daily water color changes and flows but the fish don't seem to mind just have to find the hot color of the day. Almost all of the fish being caught in my boat have been on rag eggs and nuke eggs ranging in colors but for the most part its been a Steelhead orange and Mccheese bite. We have been running just the standard indy rig, look below is see how we set it up! 

Click here to Learn how we rig our indy rigs 

For all you Brown Trout lovers, now is the time to get out there!!!!! With Steelhead starting to spawn the trout are really starting to get EGG CRAZY out there. Target the areas behind steelhead, browns love to hang out and eat eggs there. Typically the most natural egg patterns you have are most effective. Steelhead Orange, Golden Orange, and Mccheese in small sizes. 

If you are itching to get out the dry fly rod, there are stoneflies around. Break out that light tippet and try to remember how to cast a floating line. It can be rewarding. 

Upcoming Events

March 26th - Steelhead 101 1-3pm (Click Here to RSVP)

March 30th - Fly Fishing Film Tour | Stop by the shop to pick up your tickets! 

Guided Fishing Trips

I have a couple spring steelhead dates left! If you ever wanted to fish down town Grand Rapids and catch Steelhead now is the time to do it! 

The dates I have left are March 27th, March 29th, March 30th, and April 4th!

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