March 27th 2019 | Fish Everywhere

Grand River Fishing Report, Michigan Fly Fishing Report, Michigan Steelhead Fishing Report, Michigan Trout Fishing Report -

March 27th 2019 | Fish Everywhere

Lots of action lately. Steelhead and trout fishing has been quite good. Water temps are still low, hovering around the 40 degree mark, but will continue to rise. There are a ton of steelhead at sixth street dam and heading upstream as well. 

The main run has started, and they are basically all over the place. There are some spawners and fish staging, which opens up lots of different water types. They can be found in holes, runs, tailouts, buckets, etc rather than just the winter holes. Stoneflies and caddis have been good. Nuke eggs are another proven winner.  

Water levels are in good shape, as well as clarity. Took almost 2 weeks to get back to normal, but conditions are prime for the wading angler. If you're hesitant to wade in high water, think about getting a set of Star Cleats from Simms. They are really nice, and bite into rocks extremely well. 

Lots of jockeying with other anglers right now, but that's just how it goes. It's busy pretty much everywhere. Ryan got a good one in the sun.

Scott got a beautiful hen swinging some fast transitional water. Large, flashy, fluorescent patterns are a good bet for prespawners. 

The occasional brown trout is a welcomed gift from the river. 

Streamer bite is starting to improve as well. Waters up north are still cold, which can make the trout hesitant to chase streamers. But they still have to eat. We turned a few fish, and only landed 2, 17" and 19" browns, both skinny from the winter.

Drew enjoying his favorite part of any fishing trip. Lunch. Kielbasa cooked in Guinness in a cast iron skillet. 

Dry flies are finally starting to make an appearance in good numbers. Stoneflies and midges are starting to hatch, and on breezy days you can catch a handful of trout usually. Matthias got into a few nice ones the other day. So great to get that first dry fly fish of the year!

We had some buddies down in Belize last week, and they were lucky enough to BOTH get permit on the fly. Well done boys! Outstanding work!

If you've always wanted to fly fish in Belize, check out The Blue Bonefish Lodge. They are a top notch operation, with reasonable rates and awesome fishing! 

We've got a new tying tutorial up this week check it out. 

Good luck next time you get out. Both shops are loaded with all essentials, and more gear rolling in each day. Thanks for the support!