March 6th, 2019 - Getting Warmed Up

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March 6th, 2019 - Getting Warmed Up

Don't want to jinx us, but seems like we might be getting closer to permanent warmth. We all know better than to assume Spring is here, but at least there is light at the end of the tunnel. The past 2 months have been tough on everyone. Hopefully it turns back sooner than later. Here's the 8 day outlook for GR. Not too shabby!

Good numbers were caught over the past week. Lots of options in play right now. Pick your favorite method and get it done. Swing, strip, bob, pin, chuck, all are on the table and will work just fine. Get your flies right, and put them in the right spot, and the right depth, and at the right speed and you are in the game. Don't let these fish intimidate you! You have to be RELENTLESS!


We get the sense that the next couple months will be busy. Spring Steelhead season can be hectic. It's a great option that presents itself when the weather pivots. Trout fishing will also become more effective. Once the water hits 45 degrees, they really start to chase streamers. Yes, you can get them all year, but it becomes much more effective when conditions align.

If you haven't noticed by now, much of what we do is based on the weather. When conditions match your mission, it can result in some very memorable days. Water level, clarity, temp, air pressure, air temp, wind, moon phase, angling pressure, boat presence, etc etc are all factors that affect the willingness of the fish. If just one of these variables is "misaligned," it can throw everything out of whack. But if they all cooperate, things can unfold nicely and boost your confidence in major ways. It's hard to predict anything, and most of us fish simply when time allows. That's why we pay such close attention to the weather. It gives us an idea of how productive our day might be. Picking any day of the week to sneak out and go fishing is basically impossible for most people, but if you're able to look at the forecast and hit it on the right day, that gives you the best chance for success. That's all we are doing out there, just playing the odds. We are trying to predict and engage these fish in the most effective ways possible. Or, you can throw all this BS out the window, and just fish!  

We had a great fundraiser last week for the Northview Fly Squad. Matt did an incredible job as always, and there were lots of heads nodding in agreement anytime he went into detail, which is always a good sign. We raised a rather large sum of money for their trip! Well done folks! Thanks for the support!

This weekend is the Midwest Fly Fishing Expo in Warren MI. It's $10 a day to get in, and kids under 16 yrs get in free. Lots of vendors and seminars to check out. Should be a great time. 

Next weekend is the Grand Rapids Ultimate Sport Show at Devos Place. Starts on Thursday March 4th at 1pm, and goes all weekend until Sunday at 5pm. 

Here's a quick nymph pattern that works great for Spring Steelhead. Can be tied in various sizes and colors. Material list here. 

 Thanks for the support, see you out there!