May 16th 2019 | The Up and Up

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May 16th 2019 | The Up and Up

After a chilly Spring, we are finally experiencing some real warmth.  The next few days are going to be in the upper 70s, which is fantastic news. Hatch activity is increasing steadily, and fishing has been exceptional. We are on the up and up!  Water levels are good, but still dirty in places after the rain last week. 

Even though it was rising rapidly, last Thursday we decided to do a quick float down the Muskegon. Water was high, but visibility was decent. It actually looked really good, and seemingly great streamer conditions. High water, good stain, and partly cloudy. It was one of those days where every single cast and retrieve felt like a winner. We rolled a couple, landed a couple decent ones, and turned a really nice brown. A fun day, but a little underwhelming. Even though the bite isn't always on, simply casting and watching your fly swim back to the boat is fun in itself. Visions of that giant trout killing your streamer is enough to keep your head in the game for hours.


Drew was touched by the hand of God, and won the streamer lottery up north. This is what happens when preparation meets opportunity; a legitimate Michigan brown trout. This giant fish killed his fly right off the side of the boat. Well done buddy. Fish caught with the Airflo Streamer Max Short


Some of the guys got into some dry fly feeders, and lost a couple other good ones. Lots of hennies on the water!

Sounds like the Hendricksons are going strong everywhere you'd expect. Some days have been better than others, with the weather playing a factor in their predictability. Caddis are going hard right now, also Mahoganies, also some Light Hendricksons, also BWOs. Lots of insect action, and if you're lucky, trout eating them. The worst is when there are tons of bugs on the water, and no trout rising. Still perplexes me each time I witness that one..

A few nights ago, after the shop closed, we went out for a quick evening nymph session, and did quite well. Lots of holdover rainbows and browns, and a few small steelhead drop backs. With the water up and dirty, the fish were widespread, and the nymphing was great. Really solid after work session. 



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The warm water stuff has been steady as well, with pretty reliable action. Still getting most fish in the afternoon and evenings, with the midday periods being kind of quiet. Haven't tried any top water stuff yet, but surely that's an option now. Dragon tails and Game Changers are always safe choices. Contact us for a guided trip!   


Lots of options to look forward to. Pretty soon, the Sulphers (my favorite hatch) will start, as well as the March Browns, Brown Drakes, Grey Drakes, Cahills, and eventually the Hex. Usually in mid May is when these hatches really start in full force. Not sure when things will happen exactly, but we are on the front edge of Michigan's finest dry fly fishing options. If you don't already have one, we HIGHLY recommend this book by Ann Miller. Filled with spectacular photos, and corresponding fly patterns, this book is almost mandatory for any serious fly angler in Michigan. 


Also, on May 28th, Ann Miller is giving a presentation at our Grand Rapids shop. Starts at 6pm, and is FREE. We are very excited for this! If you plan on attending, PLEASE call us and let us know, or email us via Space is limited, so PLEASE let us know so we can reserve you a seat. 

This is what we dream about during the Winter months. The other night, when I was nymphing after work, I thought back to those days in January. Super cold, super windy, snowy, dark, dreary. Just brutal. This is what we've been waiting for, get out and enjoy it before it's gone.