May 2, 2022

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May 2, 2022

Happy Monday everyone, we hope you had a fun and safe trout opener this weekend. Heading head first into this week and weekend, there should be some really productive fishing happening in the next couple weeks, from the looks of it the weather is going to be really nice to us next week with temps reaching highs close to 80 degrees. With all that warm weather coming the trout should be on the hunt due to the river temps that could possibly reach close to 60 degrees across the state. With that for all the Dry Fly guys and gals I would stock up on some hennies and caddis for the the next week turn of warm weather, you never know you may get lucky. Now for all those Streamer junkies out there, get ready! I was able to sneak up north for the weekend and did very well on streamers, the fish were moving and actively feeding on drops and mid river ditches. Which really gives me hope with weeks to come and warm weather we could hit peak spring streamer fishing. All the fish were moved and caught on bright colored streamers in the 4-6 inch range, the colors ranged from white and chart, cotton candy, and black and chart.

We also snuck over to some migratory river to do some lazy minute Euro Nymphing for trout feeding on eggs, which turned into a very fun time catching browns and then random hooking into steelhead on 4-5x. We had a lot of luck on egg style and caddis style euro patterns, such as the euro egg, waltz, and green weenie. Once we move later into the week be ready to throw your normal caddis style euro patterns those will be very productive moving into warmer weather.                                            

Like Always stay safe and good luck out there!

- Christian Gradowski